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Architectural Cellar Visualisations

We have resources that few architecture firms can compete with. At ICAN, we only hire modellers with architectural experience.
Our team has an excellent understanding of how wine cellars are put together and can make sense of complex construction drawings.
We let you see what your wine cellar is really going to look like at the earliest project stage.

Product Design

If it doesn't exist - we'll build it! ICAN has over 3 decades experience in manufacturing wine storage concepts,
state of the art cooling systems and shelving systems. Design and manufacturing in Switzerland and Germany.

Project Management

Ican manages and coordinates all professional teams and suppliers who are responsible for the execution of our wine cellar designs.
During this process, we ensure that budgets are met, and the project timeline is strictly followed to ensure that all deadlines re met.

Interior Design

Whether it's a commercial cellar or your private wine temple, Ican can enhance your property through innovative building supplies and wine shelves with increased functionality.
Drawing on your personal style and bottle collection, our award-winning team will create the ultimate environment for your wines that combines luxury with functionality and finish.

Architectural Design

ICAN provides comprehensive architectural and engineering design services encompassing all specialized fields required to successfully design and construct a single or a complex of cellars.
ICAN's design results in an architecture that is relevant to wine collecting, employing the state-of -the-art technology available in the world.
While design excellence and quality of aesthetics are of paramount importance to ICAN, a thorough process of cost reduction methods is adhered to throughout the design and construction periods on all ICAN projects.
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